Oztix Statement regarding Pre Sale ticket issues

Oztix Statement regarding Pre Sale ticket issues

Oztix Statement regarding Pre Sale ticket issues

UPDATED FAQS - 22nd June

I have more tickets than I wanted to purchase:
Any duplicate orders made under the same e-mail were automatically refunded by Oztix last night
I haven't received any refund notifications yet?
If you received multiple order receipts you should have received the refund receipt if they were purchase in the same e-mail.
What if I didn’t purchase orders with the same e-mail
Please contact Oztix on facebook or info@oztix.com.au with both order numbers and we can refund your order
Why did I receive order confirmations after the refund emails?
Due to the volume of e-mails sent, some were caught up in the queue so you may have received them out of order
Why Am I getting different amounts of order confirmations and refund confirmations?
You should have an order receipt for the first order you made and an order receipt and refund receipt for any subsequent orders
What can i do to make sure i am getting the right orders refunded and that i am still left with a ticket?
Check the order confirmations and the refund receipts and if you are not sure, contact Oztix on facebook or via info@oztix.com.au
When should i expect my refund to arrive?
Refunds have been processed and depending on your bank I can take a few days, but in most cases you should be able to see the transaction in your internet banking already
I need to get a refund on all of my orders because a friend/relative purchased on their account?
Please contact Oztix on facebook or info@oztix.com.au with the order you want refunded and we will process it for you
After refunds are processed how will i know which of my orders is valid?
You should have an order receipt for the first order you made and an order receipt and refund receipt for any subsequent orders. If you are not sure contact Oztix
I'm not looking for a refund, however why haven't I received my order confirmation? How long should i wait before being concerned?
If you have paid for tickets you will have them. You should have your order receipt by now, if not please contact Oztix with the details you made the order and we will confirm for you
I'm not looking for a refund but the ticket link that i have been SMS'd takes me to a broken link
Please check if your order has been refunded and check the sms for the valid order. If you are still unsure, contact Oztix
I tried calling Oztix but can’t get through
Unfortunately we are receiving a high volme of calls and its hard to answer everyone, please e-mail and we will get back to you
I have e-mailed Oztix and yet to hear back
We will get back to you, please just bear with us while we work around the clock on responding to customers
I am worried the event will sell out whilst this is resolved
Don’t worry, while the demand was very strong there is still plenty of tickets so you won’t miss out

Still unsure? Oztix are monitoring our customer service post and responding to customers

Good Things Festival would like to acknowledge the issues surrounding our Presale this morning.

Oztix our ticketing partner apologise unreservedly to all fans affected.

We are absolutely blown away by the demand for our festival and can’t wait to see you all in the pit in December.

There was unprecedented demand for tickets this morning for Good Things Festival 2022. Whilst this is exciting in many ways, there were some technical difficulties.
The ticketing system functioned as expected, however the processing of payments saw major delays in response time between the system, payment gateway, banks and back again.
This delay in receiving a confirmation from the bank meant that some customers had multiple attempts at buying tickets and were charged multiple times.
All of the order receipts are currently being sent to customers and any customer who has multiple orders will be refunded this afternoon and receive an refund receipt

If you have been charged you have tickets
If you have been charged more than once, you will be refunded.
We will advice once this process is complete and if you have any further queries at that time, then please contact us and we will assist you.